Best Fitness Tracker: Its Must-Have Features

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Having a fitness watch helps motivate you to in achieving a healthier body and lifestyle. And with this accessory having multiple features, you’ll need to find one that suits your taste. And if this is your first time buying one, you’ll need a checklist to help you spot the best fitness tracker for you.

Here is your checklist when looking for the best fitness tracker:

Global Positioning System (GPS)

Having a GPS installed on your watch helps you check how far you’ve run or how long you still must go.

And even though almost every smartphone has this built-in feature, not everybody wants to go running with their phone. Some just want a nice run without being tempted to check their social media profiles or without receiving several phone calls from work on their day off.

Heart Rate Monitor

A heart rate monitor is crucial for active mountain climbers and athletes. This lets them measure the maximum rate of oxygen consumption. But if you’re just a beginner in the active lifestyle, this feature is helpful in letting you know if you’ve reached the active heart zone.

Water-Resistance Feature

Perfect for athletic swimmers, owning this type of watch with a water-resistant feature helps them monitor how long they’re able to hold their breath underwater.

This is handy for those who wish to train alone. You avoid accidentally dropping your phone in the pool and from getting robbed whilst you’re underwater.


The best way to motivate yourself whilst working out is by listening to your favourite music. Again, you don’t have to bring your smartphone with you when you have a watch that allows you to sync your playlist to it.


Considered to be the most popular reason why many people want a fitness watch, having an accelerometer helps you track your speed and calculate your distance as you run.

The road to a healthier lifestyle starts by learning how to monitor your development, all thanks to the best fitness tracker you have on your arm. Visit Ezipicks’ website and find the perfect one for you today!