Computer Repairs



Common Computer Repairs

Sometimes your computer can start vibrating all of a sudden or start making strange whirring noises, this behavior might cause you to panic but you can perform a simple test yourself before rushing off to the service center. Remover the outer case of your C.P.U and then try to run the system. That way’s you can check if a part has become unhinged (which you can fix yourself) or a wire has melted (this requires a computer repair service).

Automatic change in default home page or web browser

If you have accidentally installed spyware from an unknown link or a social networking site, you can face a dysfunction of your browser. The spyware installs a java script in your web browser which changes your user settings. You can simply revert back to your old settings after deactivating the spyware. If you find this problem too complicated to resolve, contact computer repair service immediately.

Slow performance

This is the most popular computer problem from all users and also the top reason for many computer owners to conclude that their p.c “is old and dysfunctional”. However, this problem can be almost always resolved if you de-fragment your data, remove corrupted files and delete unnecessary programs which can slow down your system. Simply maintaining your registry and managing programs will result in considerable gain in terms of P.C speed. There are three important activities you should do regularly to ensure good health of your P.C; update software, empty your cache files and clean your register.


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