Types of Fishing Techniques

Fishing is not difficult but it’s not easy as well. There are many fishing enthusiast out there that caught lots of big fishes but for them, it’s not the real victory. Fishing is a good way to spend an afternoon or a morning exercise. It calms the mind and improves body condition. Fishing is not like marathon that you need to prepare before hand to succeed, all you need to do is stay calm and be patient. The excitement it gives is incomparable especially to those fishing enthusiast.

Everyone knows that deep sea fishing is also a business and a job at the same time. Fishermen would go early in the morning to set up traps for fishes. Since fishing is a business, you surely have notice big fishing vessels in the middle of the ocean. Catching tons of fish takes time and effort, that’s why there are many techniques used to catch a fish. But most techniques are only used to specific types of fishes. The goal is to know how this fishes move and how they catch a prey, by doing so, you would be able to know what technique to employ.

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So here are some techniques:

- Bottom Fishing: from the name itself, an idea would surely pop out of your head. There are fishes that love to stay at the bottom. When you fish, make sure to put a sinker together with your bait so your line would sink at the bottom. Once drop, you just need to wait until a bite happens. Look for deep sea fishing charters Melbourne now.

- Chumming: this is a very effective technique of fishing. Chumming involves putting tiny bits of food in the area you have rest your bait. This piece of food can be small fishes or anything that smells like fish. This works like a mouse trap, luring your target to a trap.

- Topwater Fishing: this technique uses a floating lure. Just place the lure to the area you want to fish.

- Drifting Bait: this technique is the same as bottom fishing but the only difference is the motion of the boat. Moving the boat slowly helps to lure fishes.

- Live Lining and Trolling: this is a very popular technique and a simple one. This involves placing the bait in your desired area and allows it to freely stay in the water. You can sometimes put a sinker for it to reach deep in the water. Live baits are very effective.

- Bottom Bouncing: to attract fishes, place live bait at the bottom of the sea. The bait will bounce and can stir or cause some movements of the sea bed where some fishes are hiding.

These techniques are applicable to both live and plastic baits. Live baits can attract lots of fishes because of their natural feel. This are just techniques that fishers use for leisure, most of them especially for business purposes incorporate big nets to catch fishes. That is also one great way.

Fishing is a good way to kill time and at serve a lot of purpose.