Offset Printing



Offset Printing - An Overview

Offset printing is a widely used technique, where the image is printed by transposition from a plate to a rubber blanket and then on to the printing surface. This form of printing is used as part of the lithographic process, which makes use of the mutually repulsive properties of oil and water. Offset printing uses a flat or planographic surface area on which the printed area absorbs ink from the ink roller whereas the non printed area absorbs a watery solution (called the fountain solution), which keeps it ink free.

Benefits and Uses

Offset printers Sydney consistently delivers a high quality image. The pictures are cleaner and they type better in comparison to the images produced by other printing processes like Letterpress Printing. The printing plates can be produced relatively easily and quickly and they have a longer life span than that of Litho plates.

This happens because there is no direct contact between the printing plates and the rubber printing surface.

The images are produced by optimized ink based solutions and have very high resolution which is usually used for vehicle signs or stickers. The intensity of the image can also be controlled by using screw keys to adjust the roller ink blades. Another huge advantage of the offset technique is the low cost. Off set printing will reduce your printing costs by at least 3-7%.


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