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How to Make Your Pool Safer?

Swimming is a great way of keeping yourself hale and hearty. Children and kids really love to splash in swimming pools and have fun. But are you aware that many kids in Australia, aged between 1-4 years die of drowning in swimming pools? If you have a swimming pool in your home, you should often conduct Pool fence inspections Brisbane and take adequate safety measures by barricading your pool and training your kids to swim at a tender age.

Your swimming pool must comply with the new pool safety laws

New safety laws came into effect from December 1, 2010. So, all swimming pools in Australia need to confirm to the new laws. If there are adjacent garden beds around your swimming pool, remove them. Fencing around the pool must be at a height of 12cms above the ground level.

Children have easy access to a swimming pool via water taps, branches of trees or shrubs, and deck bracings. So the next time you carry out pool inspections see to it that you have properly shielded all such fixed objects.

Cut down overhanging branches, if you have no means to do the job, call Tree removal Brisbane services and have them do the work for you. Pool gates that do not conform to pool safety norms can offer unhindered access to children and kids. Pool gates that open inwards and that have defunct or malfunctioning hinges are not in compliance with the new safety laws.

Ensure that gates can be properly locked by fixing a latch; replace the worn out hinges; tighten or oil the hinges so that hinges can hold the gates properly and can be securely closed.

Windows offer wide and easy access to the children especially if they are very close to the swimming pool. Fix screws or rivets in the railings on which windows slide. See to it that after fixing these rivets, the window cannot be opened more than 10 centimeters. You can fix security Window screens or wire mesh on windows as well.

Of course it will be best to inspect not only your swimming pools but also your whole property. Building inspections Southern Highlands offers comprehensive home inspections that will identify problems and safety issues that exists in your home.

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