Property Sellers



Mistakes Property Sellers Commonly Make

Selling your home is a very emotional decision and often people tend to ignore market realities while setting the pricing strategy or preparing the home for inspections. Often real estate agent services may misguide you or you may develop an incorrect strategy. If you want a trusted agent, look for a real estate agent.

Choosing a selling agent because he is a friend or relative

Selling your home is a business transaction and you have to learn to be unemotional and logical if you really want to make a profitable deal. Hiring mortgage broker in Melbourne is a safe idea.

However, have you considered the implications when you are not happy with the performance? You will be in a tight spot as terminating the business agreement will be awkward and will probably spoil your personal friendship. Take a safe and professional route and select real estate agent services that conform to certain set standards.

Pricing your home above the market value

This is a very common piece of advice but buyers still repeat this mistake. Setting a price listing that is considerably higher than other comparable properties in the neighborhood is sure to reduce buyer traffic. You might think that you have set the listing price with room for negotiation but most people won’t want to look at your home if it’s overpriced.


Once a house is on the market, the full service real estate agent is usually responsible to put up signages around the property. Real estate agents put up attractive and readable “for sale” signages for potential customers to know that the property is on the market.