Rainwater Tanks


Health and Safety Tips for Rain Water Tanks

Rain water tanks must be kept clean and hygienic to maintain the quality of water. Water which tastes or smells unusual might be contaminated and the tank might require cleaning and disinfection. It is not advisable to use tank water for potable purposes unless the tank is clean. See Rainwater Tanks Adelaide

Protect from sunlight

It is important to keep the tank protected from sunlight. Exposure to sunlight may cause growth of algae in the water, making it unsuitable for use. Plastic tanks allow sunlight to infiltrate which can be avoided by placing the tank or installing water tanks away from sunlight or painting it.

Keep mosquitoes away

You must make sure your tank is protected against mosquitoes to keep the water clean and disease free. Cover and screen the rain water tank thoroughly to keep insects and mosquitoes at bay. This must be specially taken care of in places where mosquito borne diseases are common.

Safety of children

You must keep children away from tanks to avoid the risk of drowning or injuring themselves. Seal tanks to ensure they cannot get inside. Keep a fenced off area and beware when children are near the tank.

Keep roofs and gutters clean

Make sure your roof is free of overhanging vegetation or any kind of debris, as this may fall into the rain water tank and make water unusable. Animal and bird droppings can also pollute the water. Conduct weekly checks to keep your roof and gutters clean. Roofs made of non toxic material are preferable. It is necessary to periodically clean the tank .



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