Skip Bins



A Guide to Skip Bins

Skip bins are open mouthed bins generally used in construction sites. These bins are not emptied on location but are taken on the back of garbage trucks to be tipped at dump yards or landfill sites.

An average skip bin ranges from size 4 to size 13 and are made out of stainless steel which makes them very difficult to break or damage. These bins are commonly used for removing used water from renovation or architectural sites. Skip bins can be brought directly from stores or ordered from Skip bin hire services.

Benefits of using Skip Bins

The most important use is to hold large amounts of demolition waste or other kinds of litter. These kinds of waste are found at construction sites where either demolition, renovation or building activities are going on. The other common place where skip bin for hire are used are factories that discard large quantities of scrap metal or any other sites that need large and frequent cleaning out.

The skip generally has one end which is detachable and can hang down allowing the waste to be off loaded manually. The same construction site can use skips both for carrying material and discarding waste.

An empty skip bin is likely to weigh about 550 lbs and are available in prefixed sizes. There are special trucks that are designed to carry these filled bins to the dumping site and bring back fresh ones.

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