Termite Management Tips



Termite Management Methods

Termites begin their destruction by eating through the wood and books in your house. If left untreated, the problem will spread to your clothes and everything edible. Termites can basically eat through anything except iron and steel. If you live in an area where termites problems occur frequently then it is important to constantly have Pest inspections Melbourne for early signs of termites.

Chemical termite treatments

Professional pest control agencies will have a variety of chemical treatments to stop various kinds of pests from entering your house. Ask a professional to share details of a reliable chemical treatment that will give you long lasting relief. The minute you spot a few termites in your house, it will require immediate action to get rid of them. Chemical termite treatments are effective and long lasting. Before buying a home , make sure you have inspection carried out

Keep moisture away from your home

Every part of your house like kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room that is constantly damp or has fungus around it will attract termites. It is a common misconception that termites only affect wood. If you experience seasonal spread of fungus, especially during the rainy season then try to insulate your home. Waterproof your walls and windows too.

Killing a few termites doesn’t help

When you notice a few termites in your house, always remember that killing what you see isn’t enough. Many people make the mistake of killing surface termites not realizing that there are already nests located deep inside your furniture and wood. The key to controlling the spread of termites lies in destroying the entire colony.

Extreme cold kills termites

As a rule, always remember that extreme cold will kill termites. If you notice that you have termites it is beneficial to use your air conditioning for long periods of time! Consult pest management Sunshine Coast for more detailed service.



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