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Window cleaning is something that almost every dislikes and puts off. Most people are faced with only two alternatives DIY (do it yourself) or get it cleaned by a professional Window cleaning Sunshine Coast service. While the latter is the best option to get immaculate sparkling windows if you have the time and wish to save some money, you can still attempt to clean your own windows. There are some great tips to make the task of cleaning your windows easier and more effective.

Useful Techniques

Clean your windows regularly and you will have to exert yourself less. Cleaning them only twice a year will make you impatient as the accumulated dirt and grime becomes extremely difficult to remove.

You should clean one side of your window with vertical strokes and the other with horizontal strokes so you can find out which side of the window has streaks. Using squeeges with long handles can prevent the formation of streaks on large windows. Toothpaste is very handy for removing stubborn stains and scratches.

The best time for cleaning windows is cloudy days as direct sunlight will dry up your cleaning liquid soon. If you wash your windows from top to bottom you can prevent drips which can create water marks. Even if you have hired professional window cleaners you should ask them not to drip over your windows as this will damage your woodwork.

Making sure that your home is clean inside out is important. Like windows, Carpets can accumulate dirt and dust in time which can risk your health , thus it is important to make sure that proper Carpet cleaning Melbourne is practiced.


Security companies use different types of security system. Barred windows, locks, fire alarms and motion sensors are commonly use in residential type of building.


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