Root Canal Dentist: Things to Know About This Treatment

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A root canal dentist is a person whom you need to consult if you’ve been experiencing pain at the centre of your tooth. Chances are, the bacteria that live in your mouth invaded the teeth and affected the nerve supply of your gums. Here’s what you need to know about this treatment:


Before having a root canal treatment, your dentist will check your teeth first. This allows them to build up a clear image of the root canal and assess the damage. The professional will inject an anaesthetic to ensure that you won’t experience any pain when assessing your mouth.

Tooth Structure

A tooth is made of two parts: the crown and the root. When germs in your mouth already affect the nerves, the dentist needs to remove the pulp inside and disinfect it. Afterwards, the professional will clean its parts.

After the procedure you may feel and experience:

  • pain
  • mouth swelling
  • face swelling

Don’t worry about these things though, as the specialist can give you medicines to help you feel better.

Filling the Tooth

Once the pulp has been removed, your dentist will clean and enlarge the root canal, so it can easily be filled with sealant. As you know, the canal is narrow, so it is difficult to fill. Again, don’t be afraid of the procedure as the doctor won’t hurt you and keep you safe instead.

Visit your root canal dentist to learn more about this treatment. You will know that it’s time to take a trip to a dental clinic if you have been experiencing:

  • Pain whilst eating or drinking
  • Pain when biting and cleaning your teeth
  • Pus oozing from the affected part of your mouth

Leaving the infected tooth in your mouth will affect your comfort. If you want to eat the food you want, you must go to the clinic of Endodontic Group. They will pay attention to your condition and give you the right treatment. For more details about their services, head on to the website today.